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The Law Offices of Todd Smilovitz specialize in Employment Law and Family Law in Los AngelesTodd Smilovitz, Los Angeles Family and Employment Law Attorney

In matters concerning employment law, we are committed to just and efficient resolutions when workers are taken advantage of and not given the rights that they are afforded by law.  Our expertise in employment law issues includes, but is not limited to: wage and hour, lost wages, discrimination (race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender, pregnancy and disability), retaliation, and emotional distress.  In most cases we can provide legal representation on a contingency basis.  For more information on employment law, click here.

Family law matters can be highly emotional and stressful.  In times like these it is often helpful to retain the services of a Los Angeles family law attorney.  Our expertise in family law issues includes, but is not limited to: divorce, annulment, property issues, child and spousal support, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and restraining orders. In most cases we can provide representation on a limited scope basis as well as on general retainer.  For more information on family law, click here.
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